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Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)TM

Environmental Monitoring System
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The EMS is the only proven technology for accurately monitoring gaseous chlorine dioxide in real world environments, including high humidity applications. Typical photometric devices measure concentration by quantifying the absorbency of the gas at a single wavelength, but the EMS uses advanced split-beam reference compensation at a second wavelength to provide increased precision and reliability of the concentration measurement. This provides exceptional accuracy and eliminates the variability that is common with other photometric measuring devices and wet chemistry analytical methods. The EMS can also be easily calibrated ensuring it is always reading accurately.

The EMS provides real-time and instantaneous chlorine dioxide gas concentration readouts between 0.1 and 30 mg/L. This photometric measurement device uses the same technology that powers ClorDiSys' high level chlorine dioxide gas sterilization machines which have proven worldwide reliability over years of use for room and isolator decontaminations in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries, for large scale decontaminations in the Food and Beverage Industry, and a variety of applications in Life Science Research Laboratories as well as High Containment Facilities. Note: 1 mg/L of ClO2 gas is equivalent to approximately 360 ppm(v) concentration.

Optional Valve Systems are available where the EMS automatically switches between various sampling locations and logs concentrations and ppm-hrs at each location. An optional Relative Humidity/Temperature (RH/TT) sensor is also available to measure relative humidifier and temperature at a single location within the area being decontaminated.

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Large, Backlit, Digital Display

Gas sampling values are easily visible, even in low light environments.

Real-time Accurate Measurement

Using advanced photometric technology, the EMS provides an accurate real-time concentration measurement of chlorine dioxide gas with no outside interference of readings.

Advanced Split-beam Reference Compensation

Secondary reference wavelength increases chlorine dioxide measurement accuracy.

USB Data Logging

The EMS utilizes a USB drive to log all cycle parameters during a decontamination. This data can then be downloaded to any database software.

Automatic Monitoring

Optional automatic valve manifold to cycle through up to 15 sample points.

Temperature and Relative Humidity

Optional temperature and humidity readout capability.

Number of Sample points Manual mode: unlimited
Automatic mode: up to 15 with optional valves
Dimensions 11"L x 22"W x 20"H
(28 cm x 56 cm x 51 cm)
Net weight 45 lbs. (20 kg)