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Torch Aire-MegaTM

TORCH Aire-Mega
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The Torch Aire-MegaTM is a portable room air disinfection system. Since the UV-C bulbs are enclosed, the Torch Aire-MegaTM can be utilized in an occupied area. When in operation, air is drawn into the fixture through the four louvered filter panels which are located around the base of the fixture. The air then passes into the exposure chamber where it flows over twelve UV-C bulbs and is disinfected. The air then leaves through the louvered exhaust panel that is located on the top of the fixture. This design prevents UV-C exposure by restricting light from passing into the occupied room, making it safe for people to be in the room at all times.

Torch Aire-Mega TMis constructed of stainless steel and has a highly polished interior for optimal reflectivity. The maximum treatment capacity is 120,000 cubic feet per hour, allowing for large spaces to have a sufficient amount of air exchanges to have continually disinfected air.

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High Capacity

The Torch Aire-Mega pulls in 2,000 ft3/minute, allowing it to quickly disinfect room air and provide multiple air exchanges per hour

Low Power Consumption

The Torch Aire-Mega can be plugged into any standard 115 VAC outlet.

Reflective Interior Surface

The Torch Aire-Mega's interior is polished to provide a highly reflective surface to maximize the ultraviolet intensity within the chamber.

Particulate Filter

The Torch Aire-Mega filters the incoming air to prevent dust build up on the UV-C lamps.

Torch Aire-Mega
Max Capacity 120,000 ft3 per hour
Overall Dimensions 79" H x 32" L x 30" W
Power 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 11 Amps
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