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CD-Tabs generate a neutral pH generic chlorine dioxide solution. Just drop the tablet into a container with 1 gallon of tap water and you have a generic 100 PPM, (400 ppm if mixed in 1 Liter) non-acidic, chlorine dioxide odor-control solution. For higher concentrations, just add another tablet.

Download the CD-TAB Brochure

Non-acidic chlorine dioxide solution

Chlorine dioxide keeps all of its effective properties when dissolved in water. However, acidic by-products generated by most methods can cause harm to equipment and surfaces. CD-Tabs create a neutral solution and won't cause these issues.

Minimal storage space

As CD-Tabs create chlorine dioxide gas at the point of use, there is no need to store bulky liquids.

Quantity 1 box/100 CD-Tabs
Capacity 1 tab in 1 gallon creates 100 ppm
1 tab in 1 liter creates 400 ppm
Weight 4 grams/per tablet