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Flash-Thru Disinfection Chamber

Flash-Thru Chamber
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The Flash-Thru Chamber allows for the quick disinfection of items entering a barrier or sterile area using UV-C light.This chemical and liquid free system allows for the quick disinfection of tools and equipment as well as electronics and other sensitive items. Sensitive electronics and other liquid sensitive items can now be quickly and efficiently treated upon receiption and brought into the barrier.

The Flash-Thru Chamber utilizes standard 110-240V electricity and supplies a UV-C dosage sufficient for achieving a 99% reduction of most viruses and bacteria within 1 minute. UV-C bulbs have been validated to deactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Click here to read more

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Complete UV-C Coverage

High-output UV-C bulbs spread among the chamber interior ensures proper coverage of all items passing through

Quartz Glass Shelving

Quartz glass does not block UV-C light, allowing items on the shelf to be fully disinfected without leaving "microbial grill marks"

Low Power Consumption

The Flash-Thru Chamber utilizes standard 115-240 VAC power.


Sensors turn off the UV-C bulbs if the door is opened during a cycle

Flash-Thru Chamber
Overall Dimensions* 25.75" H x 24" D x 24" W
Interior Dimensions* 14" H x 23" D x 18.5" W
Power 115-240 VAC, 3 Amps
Bulb Lifespan 16,000 Hours

*The Flash-Thru Chamber is easily (and inexpensively) customizable to any size
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