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Upcoming Events


Throughout the year we will be scheduling free educational webinars on a variety of topics. Please read below for details on our upcoming webinars as well as how to register for them.

Medical Device Sterilization - February 13
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This webinar discusses the sterilization of medical devices with chlorine dioxide gas. Topics to be covered include:

  • FDA approved Contract Sterilization facility using chlorine dioxide gas
  • EPA registered sterilant
  • Items can be packaged in Tyvek, display boxes, and cardboard shipper boxes
  • Chlorine dioxide gas has been shown to reduce endotoxins
  • Residuals are typically below detectable levels
  • Approved devices sterilized with chlorine dioxide currently being sold in US and EU

This 30 minute webinar begins at 1pm Eastern.

Chlorine Dioxide Gas vs Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor - February 15
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This webinar is for life science and pharmaceutical professionals who are current hydrogen peroxide vapor users, or looking to choose between the two decontamination methods. We will discuss the chemical differences which affect their efficacy and safety for a variety of applications. Case studies, material compatibility data, and other referenced information will also be presented.

This 30 minute webinar begins at 2pm Eastern.